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Mangoes Hyderabad

Amrapalli, Mango

Amrapalli, Mango

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With its succulent flesh and unique aromatic flavor, this mango variety is sure to please any palate. This rare find boasts a delicious taste that is 100% natural and has been scientifically proven to contain beneficial nutrients for your health. Savor the delicious, healthy benefits of Amrapalli mango today.

Mangoes Hyderabad sell Premium Quality, Carbide free, Naturally ripened good Maintains healthy skin and alkalizes the whole body.

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Super fast delivery at your doorstep
Store Fresh fruits in the refrigerator and keep away from sunlight
Same day delivery is done if the orders are made before 11 a.m and orders made after that are to be delivered the next day.
Gross 5.35 kg in which net quantity is 5 kg ( box weight 350 gm approx)
If mangoes are not available we will schedule the order in the next consignment
Once received the parcel, please check the quality of the mangoes and feel free to contact us if there is any issue.
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