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Mangoes Hyderabad

Chaunsa, Mango

Chaunsa, Mango

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About Chaunsa:
Chaunsa mango was originally made popular by Sher Shah Suri throughout the Indian Subcontinent. While commemorating his victory over Humayun at Chausa in Bihar, he gave his favorite mango the name chaunsa.

Product Description

Health Benefit:
Mangoes are known to contain more than 26 different vitamins and minerals.
The mangoes are also rich in minerals like iron, folate, magnesium, etc.
A cup of mango is around 100 calories is good for skin best for weight loss.

MangoesHyderabad Speciality
Mangoes Hyderabad sells Premium Quality, Carbide free, Naturally ripened Chaunsa mangoes.

Home delivery: 48 Hours / product availability.
Do not Store Fresh fruits in the refrigerator and keep away from sunlight.
100% premium quality.
If mangoes are not available we will schedule the order in the next consignment.
Once received the parcel, please check the quality of the mangoes and feel free to contact us if there is any issue.
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